Wedding rumor: Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao

“Matsumoto Jun-san and Inoue Mao-san need no introduction. You all know of the hugely popular idol and the actress.

There is a rumor that the two will marry within 2012.

Of course there have been rumors of the two being a couple in secret for a long time. Naturally, the rumor is that they got together while costarring in Hana Yori Dango.

I don’t know for sure if it’s true or not that they’re a couple, but I know Inoue Mao-san will regularly go out to eat with him. They’re not hiding the fact that they are close.

I’ve heard that Inoue-san always saw him as just a friend, but at some point Matsumoto-san began to see her as the object of his affections…

And now, this year, in 2012, they will finally go public with their romance.

It’s being said that their agencies are coordinating together to prepare for a marriage announcement at the very end of 2012.

When you think of a marriage between co-stars in a drama, Sorimachi Takashi and Matsushima Nanako are the two that instantly come to mind. It’s a situation that anyone would admire.

In retrospect, the two costarring in Kouhaku this past year may have been set up to foreshadow their eventual marriage. How often do you hear about something so romantic?

I’m envious. I wish them happiness.”


13 September 2012 ·

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